Responsibly Smoking

This is what you have to know before buying any of the thousands cannabis products on the legal cannabis market.

Health Risks and Effects.


Cannabis can be very addictive for some people. It also increase the risk of developing mental illness problems. For example : schizophrenia, psychosis, , paranoid ideas, depression, hallucinations and anxiety.








One of the risks of smoking weed, even if it’s now legal in Canada is an increase of the blood pressure. Consume cannabis increase also the risk to have heart disease.





If you ask us if you can smoke cannabis during pregnancy, our answer is simple : NO, Don’t use cannabis if you are pregnant ! The same policy than alcool and cigarette applies ! This recommendations is also valid if you are breastfeeding or if you supply milk to your little one with a breast pump.





Be careful ! Risks are higher for teenagers to consume cannabis :

  • Developing cancer earlier
  • Brain development could be slower
  • Respiratory disease
  • Could negatively affect performance at school or at work
  • Decreased alertness can cause road accidents